T-Shirt Decorating Concessions

Spin-T concessions allow customers to decorate their own tee shirts.

You’ll find SpinTee concessions at:

  • Family Fun Centers,
  • Craft Shops,
  • Carnivals and flea markets,
  • Waterparks,
  • Campgrounds,
  • Street fairs,
  • Restaurants that cater to kids,
  • On the Boardwalk,
  • On cruise liners,
  • And at many other festive places!

Typical charges are $15 for one shirt and multiple shirts for $10 each. As much as $35 per shirt is charged at high traffic locations such as boardwalk and rock concerts.

The Bundle Kit illustrates the business value of SpinTee machines. The package consists of:

Total price $2,575

Total revenue from selling 250 shirts at $15 = $3,750

So, the Tee Shirt Machine Bundle Kit pays for itself and yields an additional $1,175!  Thereafter, the profit per shirt is $11 to $13.

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The ideas are limitless for using spin-art decorated tee shirts for promotion.
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