The Spin-Art Tee Shirt Machine

Spin-T, LLC provides the machines and supplies to put spin-art directly on tee shirts. The ideas are limitless for using spin-art decorated tee shirts for promotion.  You can purchase all of your needs from the SpinTee Store.

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SpinTee T-Shirt Machine

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SpinTee machines are producing profits for operators of:

Rental Businesses

Clients love to add a SpinTee machine to their moonbounce, snowcone machine, and dunk tank rental orders to provide a valuable self-decorated take-home tee shirt to their event. Learn More

Family Fun Centers

Spin-art decorated tee shirts for each guest at a birthday party provide great fun activities as each partyer creates a personally designed and created shirt that they can proudly wear for years. Learn More

Amusement Parks

Kids love it and parents are happy to be spending money on a take home item that will give them years of use. With SpinTee you allow parents to combine the cost of entertainment with a unique and practical clothing, and they LOVE IT! Learn More


Add another creative activity that will be the highlight of your campers’ visit. And, again, shirts provided with pre-printed ads publicizes your camp to the audience that you want to reach as those who decorated the shirts wear them proudly. Learn More

Kids' Clubs

Resorts and cruise ships have a great new activity that thrills the parents and costs the operator little. By combining a pre-screen-printed advertisement on each shirt, the free publicity is great and widespread. The spin-art makes each shirt unique and noticeable. Learn More

Easy Occasional Income

SpinTee provides the ideal money-making opportunity to sell shirts at craft shows, fairs, town day events, civic club and charitable fund raisers. Easily grosses over $1,000 operating just one SpinTee tee shirt decorating machine. Learn More
The ideas are limitless for using spin-art decorated tee shirts for promotion.
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